Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Water is a very basic thing. Something we can so easily take for granted.
Since moving here I have never been so thankful for hot running water.

For about the first 6-8 months, we had major issues with our water. We didn't have hot water consistently.
For some time, we had hot water in the sinks but not the showers. Then we didn't even have hot water in the sinks. So several times, especially in the cold season we had to boil pots of water on the stove and then take it to the bath tub dump it in, go back and boil more. With 7 people this was quite the process and task just to get clean with hot water.

Then we had issues with our water pressure. When we finally had consistent hot water, then there would be no pressure. We would start the shower with a drizzle and then at times it would stop completely then a minute or two later it would start back again to the drizzle. We are once again having issues with the pressure, at times even going to take a shower and nothing comes out.

I have mentioned to a few people that I have never prayed more about water than in the shower, this past year. Praying for a good attitude when the water is not what we would like. Then praying and thanking God when it was.

This past week we were at a friend's house preparing lunch for the orphans. Where she lives, they only have water turned on 3 times a day, for an hour each time. So at her house though she has sinks and faucets, most of the time the water is taken out of a tub then poured into basins. Just washing your hands after cutting up the chicken, rinsing vegetables off.... the list can go on and on of how many times you go to turn the water on and its not there.

Then imagine every day when the water turns on, having the task of re filling every bucket, tub and basin to use for that day.
Quite alot of work.

I see that situation and it makes me thankful we HAVE running water all the time.

My friend talks about her situation and says she is thankful the water comes to her house, 3 times a day.

Because many other neighbors don't have that. They have to walk a short distance to fetch their water from a running tap wether it is a few "blocks down" from where they live.

And I imagine those people look at their situation of having to walk a short distance to turn the faucet on and get water out and they can see, at least all we have to do is turn it on. Others have to walk even longer distances to then pump their water out of the well.

Everywhere we go, every day people are walking with buckets to get water.
Just think about something we take for granted that has to be a major thought and action of your life every day. Going to get water. Every time I drive to Kabanana and head through Chipata I see at least one or two men rolling barrels of water.
Kids start early and as much as they can carry they too are involved in getting the water each day. Whether it is just a milk jug, or a basin they too are carrying.

I think about all those things and then look in my yard at the two huge storage tanks that we have to store water. City water comes right into the tanks which then comes directly to my faucet and is held there until we need it.
So, in the event that the water is turned off, we still have several days worth of water.

and it makes me think... why are we so blessed with WATER?

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  1. Thank you for the reminder of how much we take for granted, Megan.

    Praying for you often,