Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ian to one of the workers at the newly opened KFC at the Manda Hill mall:
" Hello, how are you? do you know what KFC stands for?"
-"No, I just started here. "
Ian: "Oh, ok".

It stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken ya'll !
(Not Kamwala Fried Chicken as a few people at his school told him...kamwala is an area in lusaka)

The very state in America that we are from!
In fact the colonel's wife, Claudia Sanders has her dinner house in our beloved Shelbyville.

We went there last night for dinner. The menu is very basic, chicken, coleslaw, french fries, mashed potatoes and....
you guessed it, nshima!
Where else in the world can you get a kfc meal with a side of nshima.

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  1. Fun!

    [We can get our McDonald's with sides of rice. :)]