Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Victoria Falls

Last week we took a much needed family break to go and see Victoria Falls.
With the rainy season almost ending this was a great time to see it and it really was awesome!

The smoke that thunders. What the Falls are referred to sometimes.
From a far distance the mist rising actually looks like smoke

This was an awesome view, the falls are in the back distance and you can see the mist rising and the water falling between the two ridges.

We walked around on a path to see them from the distance. We were up really high and no guard rails, so the 3 older kids all had a "buddy" that they had to hold on to no matter what!

In the back is the bridge we walked over close to the falls.

My most favorite part was walking across the bridge. The mist and water coming off the falls was like walking through a downpour! It was so fun. The first day I took the 4 kids while James stayed with the two young ones. I think I loved it so much because we were all just laughing and screaming together!

but then the second day we all went together and came back across, soaked!

Looking at falls

Seeing a double rainbow was pretty neat

Caleb told James this was his most favorite vacation. Great ! Especially since we were there on his birthday.
The 4 older kids hiked down to the bottom of the falls at the boiling pot where it all swirls together. James said Caleb was the first one back up when they finished the hike.

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  1. Amazing!! My husband and I have always wanted to see that :)