Monday, April 18, 2011

Hair cuts for all the boys!

Today we got the boys in Kabanana free haircuts. They all were needing them.
The guy that cuts my hair, Peter had told me once about a time he and some of his friends went and cut hair for kids at an orphanage, and how great that was. When we were talking about the boys needing hair cuts, I thought why don't I ask him.
So I did and he said sure! So today was his day off and he came and cut the boys hair. We met at Fanny's house and he started cutting, after the 5th boy the power went out! I went to get my clippers out of the car that I had brought along just in case we needed an extra pair and it had enough charge to almost finish one of the boys. But than that too ran out.

We then decided to check at Maureen's place and her power was still on so we loaded up the other boys that hadn't got their hair cut and drove there to finish the cuts. We were very thankful her power was on. It just reminded me how many things we can take for granted. We had the boys, had the supplies, had the guy to cut hair and then no power...

Several of the boys usually go when they have money and for less than a dollar can get a cut at a "shop" in the compound. But as Peter was explaining often those places don't take hygiene and health considerations and care for cleaning the clippers and sanitizing them and the boys heads after each cut. So often ringworm is spread as a result of getting their hair cut.

One boy couldn't afford a hair cut so had concocted a home remedy of a relaxer chemical and applied that to his hair. It then left sores and places where the acid burned his head.

They all looked great afterwards with their "clean shaven" look. We have some handsome boys. It was neat to see them look in the mirror afterwards and smile, knowing they looked good.

Peter cutting Nathan's hair

The older boys comparing chin hairs.



Joseph Daka




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  1. cool! please continue with the good work. God bless!