Sunday, October 10, 2010


The Lizards are back. I thought I would show you a picture.
You never know when you will see them but at least each day they seem to "pop" up somewhere inside the house.

The other day I was opening curtains and there it was. Tonight I turned the light on in my room when I came in and it surprised me and started climbing up the wall above the window. Then it got on the ceiling.

Spiders are back too. (and Roaches even though we sprayed recently)
Katryn took a picture of this huge one we saw in Grace's room right by her crib. Honestly it is the biggest spider I have ever seen in Zambia, or anywhere for that matter. I called her in and then asked Enock to come in and get it. Maureen came in too and there was a discrepancy of whether or not they were "bad" spiders, meaning posionous. She thought they were and he said just some of the time. At any rate I was glad I saw it before I put her in the crib. It was hairy and everything.


  1. megan--i don't know what kind of comments you expect to get, but i feel like screaming just looking at the picture of the spider. (and maybe the lizard too)

  2. Shudder. You know, if you really want me to come, you should not let me see pictures of such spiders ;-)