Thursday, October 7, 2010

Orphanage visit

Last week we visited the orphanage that I used to go to weekly before we started the process to visit and adopt Grace.
I have never asked about taking pictures because I just figured that was not allowed.

Rick asked me if he could so I asked one of the workers and they said it was ok.
He was able to get several pictures and video footage, before one of the head ladies came over to tell me that just a few pictures is what they wanted and not alot.

I wish everyone could visit this orphanage. The kids are craving attention and cry when you put them down after being held.
It is always good and hard at the same time when I go there. Many times I have to remind myself when leaving, this is what the Lord talks about as pure religion. I was telling one of my girls that once as we were leaving and though hard, it is good to be there.

Here are some pictures of the kids.

Where the toddlers eat their meals

This little boy reminded me of the little guy Akim that died.

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