Monday, October 4, 2010

Board Books

Thursday I took Rick , Emma and her friend Graceann to the orphanage where our Grace is from.

One of the things I noticed when we were there visiting her was that the kids often are in the "classroom" in the afternoons and in the living room on the weekends with absolutely nothing to do or play with. I thought it would be great if they could have board books to look at. The first evening we met Grace all the kids were sharing a couple paper books and they were ripped to shreds within the short time we were there.

I also knew that the kids often did not wear underwear or if they did it was so old and ratty or 4 sizes too big for them. (Really).

So several weeks ago a friend from our home church was wanting to send something for Emma's birthday and asked if there was anything they could send for the orphans or any help needed. I knew exactly what would be great and wanted to be able to give this gift to the other kids at the orphanage who are still there, in the fight for themselves with no one coming to take them home.

Several people donated books and underwear for the little ones. It was shipped over here and we finally were able to deliver them on Thursday.
It was a delight. After we passed out the books and sat reading them, and several wet kids climbed up on my lap, I decided to go to the office that the big bag of underwear was sitting in and start putting them on the kids. So Rick went and Emma too and we slowly got each kid in the room a pair of new underwear. We don't have pictures of that! I was slowly getting around to a few kids at a time and then all of a sudden there was a rush and all the older toddlers started undressing at the same time to get the new underwear. One boy even found the package and put a pair on his head!
It got a little chaotic but once everyone had their own pair it settled down a bit.

Thank you to our home church RBC of Louisville, for collecting and sending these things for the children.
They were so happy and I wish all those that gave could have been there to read the book you bought to the kids.

Here are the pictures

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