Friday, September 17, 2010


We started off the week in the hospital on Monday with Jackson. (Which also was my birthday!) Sunday night he woke up at midnight throwing up and did not stop until Tuesday afternoon. I have never seen a child so sick with a Stomach infection. Poor little guy. We went to the clinic on Monday morning and then were later admitted to the hospital. He was severely dehydrated and even after being on an IV for several hours things were not looking good.

Thankfully he has been feeling better and Tuesday evening about 7pm we left the hospital. The nurses actually remembered us from being there with Emma.

He has still not been back to normal though certainly much better. I took him today again just to be looked at by another friend.
He said he should drink 4 oz every hour to not only maintain fluids but be back to normal. For some reason he is not drinking much. We made popsicles last night so he had one of those, but it is not like I can go run and buy a box of them at the store. We have to make them.

So if you think of him please continue to pray for full recovery.
I too have been sick for about a week with sinus and sore throat, etc. I finally decided it wasn't going away and got an antibiotic today. So hopefully will be on the mend in a couple days!

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