Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting Water

On Sunday I was at a school where the Hope for the Afflicted Sunday School classes meet. I had Grace with me so that pretty much meant I was standing outside the classroom with her on my back for the whole time. There was a water spicket and kids were coming there to collect water in their buckets.
A little boy no bigger than Jackson's size and age came over with his 2 jugs.
He was hanging back a bit waiting for the bigger kids to finish getting their water in either the buckets or just a drink.
When everyone else was finished he walked up and filled his jugs about half way and then started off with him.
He took a about 20 steps and then had to stop and put them down. Then he took about 20 more steps and stopped. I started "following him" out to my car and kept watching him. A group of older kids came over and started to hang around him and one boy picked up his jug and started drinking from it. The boy had already carried the jugs for many steps and stops and here this kid just walks up to get a drink. They were interested in my camera and were posing for it so I took a few pictures of the other kids and then told the one kid to stop drinking his water and to go over to get his own. he listened and headed off the other way.

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