Saturday, September 4, 2010

Diet of Worms

Martin Luther was brought before the Diet of Worms, and asked to recant his books and teachings.
This is where he famously said, "I can not, I will not recant. Here I stand!"
Many times we have explained to the kids this story, and that he was not actually eating Worms. That was the name of the place.

SO this morning with Breakfast we had our diet against worms.

Interesting trying to explain to the kids why we were taking the de-worming medicine. That then brought about a host of comments and funny and gross statements and questions about the whole thing at the breakfast table.
Sarah was discussing how they gave it to the horses when she worked with Kayla and how that was every 6 weeks and the end result, etc.. Emma told of how she ate an apple and then saw a worm crawling on it, and so maybe she has worms! She said it rather cheerfully.

I had to say, "ok" a few times, thankfully we were just eating muffins. The kids all took the medicine and we cheered on the little boys. Grace took hers easy and I think that motivated Caleb and so we gave the zambian cheer to him, singing and clapping, "Well done, well done such a good boy. Excellent, Give a clap, whoo ooo. Superstar".

Jackson took much longer taking tiny sips running back into the kitchen to tell me he had a sip. Finally I had to have him just down it and then we sang the song and cheered for him as he held up his little medicine cup high in the air.

Depending on who you talk to every 3 or 6 months it is recommended to take it and "clear out your system", just in case.

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