Friday, September 17, 2010

NEW TERM Lusaka Ministerial College

Last week started the new term for the Lusaka Ministerial College
Here are a few pictures

Pastor Kalifungwa teaching

Pastor Issac Makishinyi

Student with new set of books

All the students were given a ESV Study Bible
And James invited our friend Steve Allen who is here teaching pastors and doing the same thing as James to come and teach the men how to use it.

(Here is a plug for his blog )
He and his wife Stephanie have been so kind to us in helping us transition into Zambian life. They have 5 girls, all similar ages as our kids and they all have fun together. We are very thankful for their friendship.

A few of our kids helping move the boxes of books.

All the books we received in the recent shipment.
We spent one night as a family counting all the books and checking that they all were there.
Some great books!

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  1. Thanks for showing the pictures. The men look like they are really interested. The picture of the kids pushing the box of books was cute. It's great that they're eager to help! I checked out your friend's blog and found out that there are poisonous snakes in people's yards in Zambia-yikes!