Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

In preparation for moving to Zambia, last year we accumulated several books. The subject matter ranged from Africa, Orphans, AIDS, transitioning to another culture, raising children abroad, missionaries, etc...

I read several of them, but at some point becoming overwhelmed, realized that reading all these books, though fine in themselves, was not going to "really" help me prepare for the move.

So sometime in the middle of the year, I stopped reading them altogether.

I have found that apart from my Bible,

The most helpful book this year, for my own growth, encouragment, and stirring of my heart and soul was this book.

I have quoted it a few times over the year and I thought I packed it a month or so ago. I found it again and was delighted. It seems at just the right times, I pick it up and the Lord uses it to encourage me.
It is a short book. Set up in 52 "chapters" of 2-3 pages each. And it just has snipets and quotes on various things that draw your heart closer to the Lord. So you don't even have to read a chapter just a few sentences here and there and it is more than filling.

I read something yesterday and thought this was a good summary of what I want to desire for the new year!

"I want to live in the Love of God, for God, enjoying God, glorifying God,
and every day able to tell what new discovery I have made in the fulness of Christ."

Same chapter...
"Those who have real love to Christ always wish they had more"

"Of all thing beware of a cold heart"

"Christ will not let anything interfere with your love for Him. He says, 'I am all for you, and you must be all for Me' "

Then I was listening to this song yesterday called Empty Me, by Jeremy Camp and thought it too fit well with what I want my heart to want.

Holy fire,
burn away
my desire,
for anything

That is not of You,
and is of me.
Lord I want more of You,
and less of me

Empty me, empty me
Fill, won't You fill me
with You, with You.

I do want much less of me and more of Christ this year!


  1. I am going to have to look into that book!!!!!!

  2. You are now in that interim period and I/we do so pray for you all. May our Beloved Peace cover you with assurance. Thank you for all the info websites for they surely will bring us all closer to your new life. Yes! Thank you for your two precious books - I, too, will have to look for Heavenly Springs. Arlene