Friday, January 29, 2010


They have ZamBeef, ZamMilk, Zamloaf (bread), Zamshu (shoes),

Street Vendors

Selling fruit out the back of a truck

Dirt road off of a main road in Kabwata

Looking out the window after the rain

Right next to the store we bought the bed at was a driving school. And since Terry had just said maybe we need a sign on our car Student driver" I thought we had to take a picture. It was a crazy spot to learn to drive at. Seems like they would start you out somewhere easier, not in downtown traffic.

Store where we bought a bed

Arcades Shopping Center- we seem to be there almost every day, at the bank the grocery the Zain phone store, the internet place, resturants...

Washing the laundry

Playing the drums at the cultural center

James bought a drum

The bracelet Ian bought me for our 15th Anniversary yesterday

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