Monday, December 21, 2009

One month

One month from right now, and we will have just arrived in Africa.
It feels like we have been in this preparing stage and saying our goodbyes for so long now. We head to see James's family for Christmas and then when we return we will only have 2 weeks until we depart from the US. We will be spending a half week in London before we arrive into Zambia.

Our house is still for sale, so please continue to pray with us regarding that matter.

Our small shipment of things and books to set up a library are somewhere in the sea right now. Hoping to arrive in Dubai and then be shipped to Kenya and then trucked inland to Zambia. We will see if it arrives shortly after we do.

As I look around the house it is still a bit overwhelming at what there is left to do, but that will have to wait until we get home from our Christmas trip. My desire is the last week we are here, to be living out of our suitcases with everything else gone. It can happen...but a lot to do when we get home.

We have a farewell dinner at our church, the friday before we leave, and have and will have several other last dinners and lunches and get togethers with our closest friends. We have truly been blessed with a church family that loves us and cares for us. We will dearly miss them.

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