Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This week there is a Missions prayer retreat at Kabwata Baptist. Monday through Wednesday the men have gathered together for reports and prayer. About 15 pastors attended. 15 church planters , 2 of them are now pastors and their churches are independent of support from KBC. One was Kapambwe Nsenduluka. He is now a missionary pastor in Namibia.. James first met him when he attended the Copperbelt College.
He said to James this week, “ there were 2 experiences that radically changed my ministry and one of them was the teaching that I received at the Copperbelt College.”
James said they are now beginning to think about the possibility of setting up teaching courses similar to the Copperbelt College in Namibia.
This was exciting to hear and wonderful to think of God working in bringing about people in certain places and then the opportunities for the gospel to go forth. There was one man from Malawi as well that we met on Sunday.

We have found a house that we would like to rent and are in the process of negotiating on the details.
It is in a good area close to the church that we plan to attend and be part of, and also about a 5 minute walk from a shopping center, with a grocery store.
We are very thankful to have found this house at a good price in a good location. So I am excited though reserved about the excitement until we are sure about it. Please pray that if this is the right house for us that all the details would be worked out.

We met with another family yesterday from Alabama, that I have been emailing for the past several months. We had a good visit, the kids enjoyed playing and it is so nice to feel welcomed here. As well as being welcomed by the Allens on saturday for a quick visit with them.

The last 2 days have been hot here, and it had not rained. Last night we all had a hard time getting to sleep with the heat. In the day if you are outside it is cooler than in the house, but once it starts getting dark you don’t want to be outside. Because of the mosquitoes, which seem to really like me a lot, we close the windows once it starts getting dark ( no screens on them) and then it gets pretty hot. About 10 or so, I could tell it starting to cool off. Caleb had a rough night of sleep, and this morning we decided to go ahead and buy our first piece of furniture. A bed. We have had 5 kids on 2 beds and so we bought a twin bed for one of the kids to sleep on for now, that we will move with us, hopefully soon.

We are hoping for better rest. It has been a challenge with all the new sounds and places and lights and barking dogs, wrestling kids… It is so peaceful and quiet in the mornings though, when the sun comes up.
So we went downtown to a store that was recommended to us. We actually just went in bought a bed and took it home with us. It went so well, and now tonight we will hope for good rest for all. While we were driving it started raining and pouring. I was glad because I knew it would cool off after that, and now this evening it has been nice. Not like last night. Yesterday I saw it was snowing back home!

When it was raining today, it was as if the city stopped for a few minutes in the pouring rain and then started back up again as we were driving away from the downtown section, it was crazy. People walking everywhere cars doing whatever they wanted, blue minibuses everywhere.

When you drive around town, there are a few major intersections that have people walking around selling things. They will sell anything from Zain talk time minutes for the cell phone, fruit, Scrabble, Monopoly, steering wheel covers, horns to puppy dogs and ducks. The animals was quite a new thing to me, but one guy just walked up and down through the cars holding 3 or 4 puppies. They come right up to your window and stare.

We went to see the house today and met the woman at the house. We were a few minutes early and so we waited and people walking back and forth on the street just seemed to keep staring. 7 white people, and as white as we all are white, fair skinned. And as many as we are, I guess draws the attention. The younger kids like waving to people, but I guess it embarrasses someone else sometimes.

Well Sarah is cooking dinner tonight
and we were just trying to figure out the oven, so I will end for now.
I do have some pictures I will try to post soon.

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