Friday, November 20, 2009

Update on Pastor Hakanyaga

Pastor Hakanyaga is recovering slowly, and we are thankful that the Lord in his great mercy, allowed Dr. Zulu to oversee his medical care!

below is the letter from Pastor Kabwe

Dear Brethren,
I wrote to you a while ago that our brother Hakanyanga was taken ill to Luanshya Mine Hospital with the problem of the spleen and some of you have asked to find out how he is doing. He is recovering slowly from operation, he was dicharged from the hospital on Tuesday and I visited him on Wednesday, he is still weak recovering steadly from the operation wounds- the operation was successful -he had the spleen removed - which basically was damaged and malfunctioning. He was in the hospital for 10 days. We thank God for your your prayers and concern. He is scheduled to go back for review on wednesday next week.
May I aslo thank God for His providence, to have Dr Zulu, who is the Chief medical officer at Luanshya Mine hospitala serving aslo as fellow elder at central baptist where brother Hakanyanga is pastor-Dr Zulu literaly took it upon himself to have our brother operated on- despite the financial challenges of the same operation.Dr Zulu spoke to me in private from the professional point of view that the problem was actually fatal if there where any delays- he said our brother Hakanyanga had started losing blood through internal bleeding due to the malfunctioning of the spleen.
Continue praying for pastor Hakanyanga he will be on sick leave for some time before he starts work.
keep well and thank you

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