Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adopted for Life

I just finished reading this book, Adopted for Life
The priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches
by Russell Moore.
I highly recommend it! To everyone. Not just those who are thinking of adopting, but to everyone!

So many times as I have read the book, I have thought to myself and even mentioned to James, that I wish I had read this book 2 years ago.

I have read or skimmed at least 8-10 different books related to adopting and adoption, some with a christian theme, but mostly not. This is by far the best book on the subject. If you only ever read one book on adoption, or bought one book this would be the book.

Though Russell gives some practical advice and information on adopting, the book continually goes back to us, and our adoption in Christ by our Father God. It is not only used as one example of adoption, but as the model of how our Father has treated us and adopted us.

He writes in such a natural way, weaving throughout the book looking at our own adoption by God, and his family's story and experience with their 2 boys from Russia, and how the church of God is to be at the forefront of adoption, because we ourselves were adopted.

He explains that for some, this will mean supporting anothers adoption financially, and prayerfully, and for others it will mean actually seeking to adopt ourselves. But for everyone as christians to be promoting a climate of adoption in our churches.

Moore states, "The protection of children isn't charity. It isn't part of a political program fitting somewhere between tax cuts and gun rights or between carbon emission caps and a national service corps.
It's spiritual warfare." (emphasis mine)

Hopefully, you'll want to buy it and read it now.
There are 17 reviews on the book. I don't think I have ever seen that many in a book. But after reading it, it was so good and helpful, I wanted to write my own review too.

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