Friday, November 6, 2009

Pray for Pastor Hakanyaga

Pastor Mondesters Hakanyaga (pictured on the left with his children and wife)

The following is a letter written by Kabwe Kabwe (pastor in Ndola)

Dear Brethren,

I write to inform you that our brother and pastor Hakanyanga of Central
Baptist Church in Luanshya- has been diagonized with a problem on his
SPLEEN- I understand from the medical people that [The spleen is an organ in
the upper left side of the abdomen that filters the blood by removing old or
damaged blood cells and platelets and helps the immune system by destroying
bacteria and other foreign substances by opsonization
and producing antibodies].

Our brothers spleen is malfunctioning and is causing danger to his health,
the doctors, have recommended to operate on him and have the organ removed.
Right now he has low HB and will be undergoing blood transfussion on
thursday 5th Nov in preparation for the operation on Friday at Luanshya mine

He is currently on total bed rest- hence his absence during this week for
the November module- of the Copperbelt Ministerial College which started on
Monday. This time around we have our own men from Zambia as lecturers;
brother Lazarus Phiri lecturing on introduction to preaching and Conrad
Mbewe on Government and administration of the church - pray for the men
during this week - the wheather is not friendly it is just too hot
especially during the afternoon sessions, making it difficult for the men to

Until then

your fellow servant

Kabwe Kabwe

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