Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pure Religion

This goes along with the last post.

My friend Becky sent me the following quote that she read while reading the missionary John Paton's autobiography. I thought it was excellent and wanted to pass it along to you also.

He wrote this after visiting George Muller and the orphanages in Bristol:

"Often, as I have looked at the doings of men and Churches, and tried to bring all to the test as if in Christ's very presence, it has appeared to me that such work as Muller's...must be peculiarly dear to the heart of our blessed Lord. And were He to visit this world again, and see a place where His very Spirit had most fully wrought itself out into deeds, I fear that many of our so-called Churches would deserve to be passed by, and that His holy, tender, helpful, divinely-human love would find its most perfect reflex in these Orphan Homes. Still and for ever, amidst all changes of creed and of climate, this, this, is 'pure and undefiled Religion' before God and the Father!"

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