Saturday, October 13, 2012

On the way to school

The drive from our house to the kids school is only about 5 miles, and takes about 10-15 minutes.
It is a paved road with many dirt roads branching off of it. It goes through the area of Chilenge.
There are always people walking on the side of the road everywhere we go.

By now, we have become used to so many things here that we see just while driving down the road.
But I remember that it is not the "typical things" you all would be seeing on your drive to church or your kids school.  So I have kept a notebook in the car and asked Ian to write down the things they see as we are driving.  They are in random order, but honestly it is quite funny how random they are as we are seeing them.  And they are all on the side of the road...

Woman walking and nursing her baby at the same time

Man running with a 25kg sack of mealie on his head

A chicken running across the road

Man on a bicycle

Different people wearing the Che Guevera Shirt

Shoeless Children running about

10 loafers (men) sitting under the tree

Suited Man w a fedora sitting on a stool

The purse store ( a shipping container turned into a store with second hand purses and bags)

Chickens being sold out of the back of a pick up truck

An old rusty car and bus broken down ( for years now) on the side of the road

Dude with a cowboy hat

Drunk Men starting a fight

Blue Minibuses- everywhere

Chilenge Market

The OK  Food Store

Piles of trash

Lady carrying a grocery sack with a live chickens head sticking out of the side


People carrying water. Sometimes children. Sometimes on their heads. 


Power Plant

Bedframe for sale  

Lots of ntembas  ( small shack-like shops selling various items) 

Men walking holding hands

Random armchair/ recliners for sale 

Guy with a Mr. Bookkeeper shirt

Lady with a basket of fruti on her head with a large knife sticking out of it

Man carrying 25 shirts on hangers

Man peeing on the side of the road. Children peeing on the side of the road.

Chicken being slaughtered 

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