Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Yorkers

Pastor McDearmon, Rob Burchet and Ken Maiella from Ballston Lake, New York
 have been here this past week. They have been here in Lusaka teaching for LMC.

They arrived last Saturday and had several suitcases full of books, gifts for the orphans and things for us. Including Sarah's school dvd curriculum for next year. Exciting! 

On Sunday the three men split up and Pastor McDearmon preached at Emmasdale Baptist Church, 
Rob preached at our home church Ibex Hill Baptist Church and Ken preached out in Kabanana at Faith Baptist Church. Our family went with Ken. It had been a year since we were last at church there. 
It was good for our kids to see the kids there again. 

Ian with Wisdom, Alex,Morgan and Llyod

Ken preaching with Pastor Curtis Chirwa translating

The Kids Sunday School class ( meeting in the new HOPE kitchen)

After church, talking to Curtis

Jackson and Caleb with Gift, Alex,Stephen and Frank (HOPE Kids on the right)

Fanny, one of the ladies from church, Maureen, Megan

The evening we all went to Mt. Mukulu where Pastor McDearmon preached 

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