Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last "Tour"

Well the time for us to have left for Zambia on our original plans has come and gone. I am still on recovery from the second surgery and James was able to squeeze in one last "tour" of churches in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Since this was a driving trip he was able to take Sarah and Emma with him for some father-daughter time.

Sunday He was in Greenville, PA at Crossroads Community Church. Pastor Todd Jaussen was out to Zambia this past year and their church has been supportive and interested in continuing to supporting the work.
Today he spoke to a group of Pastors at the Pastors Fraternal in New York. Then this evening he was going to be presenting the work in Zambia to a church in Albany, NY. Tomorrow night ( wednesday ) he will be at the church in Dolgeville, New York. The pastor there, Lenny Byerly is the one that got James connected with Zambia in the first place. So they have a special place with us and the work there. Hopefully it will encourage them to see all that the Lord is doing and has done and that they have a part to play in it! Then Thursday night James will be speaking to Amazing Grace Church in Catskill, NY where a friend Adam Davies pastors.

Friday he and the girls will spend the day and evening in New York City doing something fun.
Then Saturday afternoon he heads over to a church in Montville, NJ. (Trinity Baptist Church). He will be presenting the work in Zambia in the sunday school class and also preaching in the morning service. Then he is scheduled for the evening service at another church in Flemington, NJ that same day. Whose Pastor Alan Dunn also came to Zambia to teach last year.

Please pray for stamina and strength for him as he works hard this week and also for safety traveling. Thank you.

They are expected to come home on Tuesday. I miss them all already and look forward to next week.
My mom has been here this week helping me with the other kids and taking care of me which has been nice!

We just set up a Facebook Page for LION of Zambia and hope to utilize that more this coming year for quick updates and news.
So...look us up!

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