Friday, January 6, 2012


We were supposed to be leaving Jan 20th to head back to Zambia.
We have been delayed about a month and will now be heading back towards the end of February. I had surgery this week on some varicose veins that have been giving me trouble and will have surgery on the other leg in another 2 weeks. ( A phlebectemy- if you care for the details. My Dad told me about a video of the procedure on you tube that he saw but I was not so inclined to watch it! For fear of passing out. "and then they just pull the vein right out of there!" Not something I care to see. ) My doctor advised not to fly for about a month after the surgery. 5 years ago I had surgery as well and that seemed to help for the time being. It will continue to be a reoccurring problem over the years but it becomes a "how much can I handle" in regard to pain and discomfort.

I am recovering now at "home" here in Louisville. Again it has been such a blessing from our church here that they have rented us our own place for the time we are here. (Rest for a family of 8 simply can not happen when you are staying in someone else's home.) Since we have a little more time, James is going to be able to visit some churches in New York and New Jersey that were interested in having him come speak about the work we are doing in Zambia. But by January 30th he will be done traveling and have 3 weeks of REST. At least that is the idea. He desperately needs it. I am able to be getting some rest now, with the surgeries so I hope that the recovery will go well and be better than normal as we head back over to Zambia at the end of next month.

The kids are getting antsy and bored so we hope to work on some school work over these next 7 weeks.
We appreciate your prayers. Thank you!

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