Saturday, October 22, 2011


ALL 30 of the kids

Today we had a great day with the HOPE Kabanana kids.
We rented 2 buses and all the children plus Maureen and her children and Fanny and her children came over to spend the day with us. Katryn prepared the lunch for 50 people, Maureen and Fanny coordinated all the children getting to my house, Fanny lead a devotional and I hosted.

This was the first meeting with the 8 new kids. (Maybe we should have told them they are not always this fun!)
The Last time the kids were here was back in April and we were very glad to have them over again. I think next year we will plan again for at least twice in the year to have them all over and then try to have individual kids more often as we are able.

The kids had a blast! I love being able to have them over and see them enjoying themselves so much. I also love to have my kids hang out with the kids. They did a great job helping serve and host as well and that makes my heart so happy. To see Caleb playing alongside Steven, whose whole house is smaller than Caleb's room. Ian and I taught the older boys how to play Marco Polo in the pool. Emma played ping pong with the boys and was right there making bracelets with the girls. Jackson sharing his shorts so another boys could go swim. Sarah making cookies for all of them and helping get drinks and spending time with the girls. Grace fighting with her little friend Jackie. ha ha- and then loving on him too! :-)

Probably my happiest moment of the day was taking the little boys for a swim. Several of them couldn't swim so they all played in the baby pool until they realized I would take them one by one into the big pool. They started off timidly but by the end of the time they were jumping into my arms and then kicking and flailing their arms to swim as I held onto them and we moved around the pool. Steven was absolutely adorable. The tiniest of all our kids and he pumped his arms and even got a running start to jump. And Frank, as soon as he hit the water he was laughing the whole time. Even Joseph, reserved... quiet, troubled Joseph, let me take him around the pool a few times and half way jumped. That was great for him.

Fanny and Maureen both commented on what great fun the kids were having and we were all so thankful for a great day!

Waiting in line for lunch


Emmanuel and Christopher

Mwansa, Tisa and Faith

James on the swing

Several of the new kids with Steven, "shh...Don't kubeba"

Ping Pong

Older boys swimming

More fun on the trampoline

Mary (I almost didn't recognize her since the last few times she has only been wearing Hannah Montana nightgown)

Little Boys after their turn swimming


Playing on the keyboard

Ian talking to Koumba and Philip

Posing for the camera

Girls turn to swim

Emmanuel and Amos

Frank, Enda, James

Faith and Everlyn

Caleb showing the boys the rabbits

Joseph holding the rabbit

Playing ball

Grace and Jack ( Maureen's son )

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