Saturday, November 5, 2011

Visiting America

We leave the middle of this coming week to go back to America.
For a visit. We have used the phrase, going home often, as well as explaining to those here in Zambia that we are just taking a "holiday" for a few months and then will be back.

They have been glad to hear that we are not planning on staying in America. Yesterday I went with James to the college and Andrew, the college administrator said he was glad to hear James telling people he is going for a visit. Not moving back, but visiting.

That being said, we are excited to be going home for a visit!
The kids have been so excited counting the days down, rolling their little suitcases around the house and carrying their backpacks around.

It will be a long trek back, flying all day to London, then staying the night then flying all night long from London to America then hanging out in a couple airports before we finally reach our destination. If you think of us please pray for safety and good health and for all the kids to travel well, and you can throw in a special prayer for Grace!

It has been a busy week here. Thankfully packing is not a big challenge because we pretty much are only bringing a couple changes of clothes for each and will be buying everything new when we get there. So we have said as long as we have our laptops and electronic things and passports we are good. We can buy everything there and will be!

Our house will be being rented out to some people we met, through a church in AL that are coming over to adopt. I am excited that we can help them out in this regard and they actually arrive on Monday and will be at a nearby lodge for few days until we leave. I will be spending monday taking them all over town to social welfare and the orphanage and grocery store to give them a crash course and familiarize them with the area.

We have a few last minute things to get done with the ministries before we leave, and then also we have some dear friends, the Allens who are moving back to America in December. We have one more chance to get together with them and I am sure there will be some tears shed. They have been such a help and blessing to our family especially when we first moved here. They will be missed.

We look forward to seeing many of you while we are back. We will be in America for about 10 weeks, but It will be a quick trip in one sense, as we have both our families to visit and James will be traveling around to some churches. We will be able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families and then as of right now, plan to come back the end of January.

Our American home church is taking great care of us and setting everything in place for our visit. I am sure that is an overwhelming thing to think about for a family of 8. They have a van ready for us to use and have rented a house for us while we are there. We are so thankful to have that provided for us so we can try to get some rest and have time as a family. It is far more than we deserve!

I am working on a video from the past 2 years with pictures and after James shows it at the churches ( and BEFORE we come back, because the internet is better in America!) I will upload it so that you all can see what all the Lord has done while we have been here.

Thanks for your prayers.


  1. We will certainly be praying for your safety during the long traveling. I can only imagine how difficult it will be with 6 kids! May the Lord bless your travels!
    Ballston Lake Baptist Church

  2. God bless you! I was so excited to get a link to your blog today,through Johnny Farese. I pray for you quite often and it's so great to be able to see all the pictures. It will enhance my prayers!! Will definitely be praying for your trip and your time in US.