Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Safari in Livingstone

While we were in Livingstone we went on a game drive.
We saw a few animals, the usual monkeys, baboons ( Grace's first full sentence...Momma I see a babbon!- with Emma's prompting) few zebras, giraffe, impalas, warthogs, wildebeats, one elephant from a distance, and a water monitor lizard.

The best part though was getting to see one of the only 7 rhinos in Zambia.
They are guarded and we asked about seeing them so a guard hopped in our vehicle and we drove out and then had to get out of the car and walk quietly in a single line out to see the rhino. it was sleeping under the tree. Caleb said it was scary!
I thought it was pretty cool.

The kids looking at the rhino. It is in the distance under the tree.

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  1. Great pictures, great stories, great blog !!! That means I'll be back on this blog, for sure because there's life !!!