Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Traveling around Zambia

We saw this pretty soon after we left Lusaka.
I had no idea what this meant.
It is quite common for the minibuses around town to have sayings or just words on their bus, but this one was quite funny. What is this supposed to mean?

Driving around Zambia is interesting. As soon as you get out of the main cities, there is really just huts and villages everywhere. The drive we took to Eastern Province and up to South Luwangwa Park was on one of the main roads in Zambia.
It is a 2 lane highway. With Monkeys, cows, chickens, dogs and goats roaming about. Not to mention all the people walking on the sides of the road or riding their bicycles.
Once we came over a hill and their were about a dozen monkeys just hanging out in the middle of the road.
Another time, Cows crossing back and forth. One almost ran into our car.

As part of James's job as missions coordinator we made two quick stops on the way up and then attended a church service at one of the churches in Petauke.

We also saw the boys that herd cows. One of the churches in Sinda has a ministry to reach out to these boys.

Sometimes we saw smoke rising up in the distance from far off villages.

One of the challenges of traveling is that you can not stop whenever you want for gas or food. We drove all day long and apart from a few snacks I had brought we didn't eat lunch and then didn't have dinner until about 8:30 at night.
There were no places to get lunch. Same with using the facilities. We stopped at one of the gas stations at which point we opted to continue on until we found a place in the great outdoors outside of town. (Think worst public bathroom you have ever seen and then multiply it... that would get you out of town fast!)
Coming from a girl who used to get off the interstate, take a good look at the gas stations from the outside and then choose which one to stop at, this is quite a change to say, "Let's get out of town and then find a place. " Who would have thought?!

The other challenge is finding a place for us to stay. We stayed at 3 different places, all of which included me in one house or cottage with some kids and James in another with the other kids. Not quite what you picture when you think, "Family vacation". And then they charge you on a per person basis. So each person has to pay, not just a flat rate for the room, so it can be very pricey when you are paying for 7 individuals.

We really enjoyed the time in the Park, though we thought it was ironic that we were the farthest out in nature we have ever been and it was not peace and quiet at night. We both didn't sleep very well. We heard lions and Hippos burping and making hippo noises all throughout the night!

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