Thursday, July 29, 2010


We wanted to share some joy with you today!

The Lord has blessed our desires and efforts and We have begun the process to adopt a little girl.
Those that know us, know that this desire has been on our hearts for the past 8 years.
We have actively pursued it for the past 3 years, starting the process in the Summer of 2007.
The road has been long and very rough ( including our heartbreaking "failed" adoption in Ukraine in Dec 08).

We now are rejoicing again and hopeful that soon this little girl will be in our home.
We met her a few weeks ago and have been visiting her. We hope to have her in our home in a couple weeks, to begin the 3 month fostering before the adoption can be completed. She is 1 1/2 years old and has been in an orphanage since she was about 6 months old. No one has ever come to visit her....Until now!

Please rejoice with us and pray for a smooth and speedy transition into our home, and completion of the adoption!


  1. Megan, we rejoice with your family in this addition to your family. God does send joy amidst the sorrows you see around you there in Zambia. We will pray this process goes smoothly and that this little one will be an added blessing in your home. God is good!! Katryn is in full speed ahead and we are praying God opens all the doors to get all ends tied up here, to speed her arrival there so that she can begin to be a help to your family and to the work there in Lusaka and Ndola. Lysanne Belke

  2. Praise the Lord!! Very excited for you all.

  3. Wishing you all the best, you are blessed.