Sunday, February 7, 2010


We have had a good weekend. Saturday we stayed around the house and James went to teach a young people’s bible study. A mix up with the time, 13:30 is what we thought and no one was there but it was 15:30. So he ran downtown to pick up the kids school uniforms and then went back to the church. Another thing to get used to, the 24 hour clock.

I made brownies, and was glad they turned out well. They eat dinner late here, like 8pm. So I was cooking early about 4:30 or 5 for our meal and Alice came in the kitchen and we talked some and she said she was hungry so she started cooking her dinner early. Fish. Whole fish with the eyes still on and everything. I thought it was kind of funny, because I had half of the stove, making green beans, corn and chicken and she was frying fish. So I took a picture

As I was cooking, something exciting happened…I got my first phone call in Zambia! Trenda Due called me. It was so exciting to talk to her and hear from her. I think I was probably giddy. James came home from the study and said his mom and dad had called him also, and it was good to hear their voice.

Today we went to church. We arrived at 9am, when the Sunday school hour is supposed to start. We walked into the children’s classrooms and no one was there. The teacher was in Emma’s class but that was all. So we waited around a bit and then they all started coming.
Speaking of coming, If someone wants to say, “I’ll be back, “ they will say, “I am coming”.

This was the second Sunday school class for the kids, and I stayed with Jackson and Caleb again. That has gone fine, as there sometimes are other mothers in there. Caleb was fine today and Jackson was a little hesitant but he did fine as well. Tonight he was telling Emma about, what he did and what the teacher said, “in my class…” .

After the morning service we went to one of the Pastor’s home for lunch. (the names are hard to remember here. It’s not because I didn’t ask or because they haven’t told me a few times) We had a nice visit with them and were thankful for the fellowship. It was our first meal in a Zambian home since moving here. And after we arrived in their home we thought it looked familiar. Turns out it was also the last Zambian home we had been in for a meal when we were here in August.

It was dark and there was a big crowd, and it was the evening of my really long hard emotional day at church. So I don’t remember too much. This time it was a lovely afternoon and the kids played with their kids, which I don’t even remember seeing when we were here last time.

As we were leaving we thanked them, and they said ANYTIME. “Please, if you are in the area, you just stop by, you don’t even need to call ahead or make an appointment, just come by. “

Emma told us something funny from her day at school. She said a girl asked her “What tribe are you from?”. Emma told her she was not from any tribe, to which the girl said, “Of course you are, everyone is from a tribe.” Emma said no, I am not. Then the girl told her, “Go home and ask your mom, and she will tell you which tribe you are from”.

Here are a few pictures I took out the window as we were driving through an area.

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