Friday, February 26, 2010


Here are some pictures. Mostly of the street we have bought alot of furniture from.
Everywhere we go, there are people walking and working and standing and just busy with their day. Always lots to take pictures of.

Yesterday we went to Alice's resturant, where she works. It is called Nakulu K, or Granny's.
It was downtown in a small alleyway. Barbara works right near it, so she met us and took us the rest of the way. We ordered from their menu. All Nshima, and sat outside. Several stares and 2 guys said something about the muzungus. So I asked Barbara, "What did they say about us?" She laughed because she did not know I knew they were talking about us.
They said something about "look at those white people eating Nshima!"

Washing your hands before eating with your hands.

More pictures from kalingalinga

Right next to the furniture shop are these houses. The woman here is washing out her dishes and cooking outside.


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