Monday, February 8, 2010

A Good Day

This morning we took the 3 younger kids to a friend’s house (Christie Guffey) while the older 2 were at school and she watched them all afternoon, while James and I went out for lunch and then shopping. We had a nice lunch at the MINT Café. Familiar food that actually tasted familiar too. That is the key. We have had several things that were similar to what we might eat back home, but they always have a different taste. So we really enjoyed it. This was a treat, since we had all the kids when we went out to eat on our anniversary.

We were able to buy a refrigerator, stove and a washer and dryer. That was all at GAME the big shop in Manda Hill. Even though we do not have them yet, I was excited to be shopping for them and know that hopefully by this weekend I can be doing laundry again.

Then we went to Kalingalinga and bought two wood dressers and a desk all off the side of the road at the shops where the men make the furniture. We found bunk beds and will buy those later this week. We wanted 2 sets and they had one and a half… So once they finish the top part we will purchase those for the kid’s rooms.

The same place sells chairs and you can give them your dimensions and they also make tables.
Next we need to find living room furniture and mattresses.

It was very nice just for James and I to be able to go out and shop and spend some time together. So I am very thankful for our friend’s offer. They also invited us to dinner, which was great since we had a full day shopping and being gone. They have been very kind to us!

We enjoyed starting to get to know their family. The kids have enjoyed playing with their children. In fact Caleb was excited that I was leaving and he was being “babysitted".
They are from Alabama, and we met them through a mutual friend of my sister. Brad is here working with pediatric HIV/AIDS. It was neat to hear their story of the Lord working in them to bring them here.

James had a good meeting with Pastor Mbewe this morning, discussing opportunities and ideas for ministry work here. He was very encouraged. Pastor Mbewe leaves this week with his wife Felistas for the USA. They will be gone for 2 weeks. Felistas has been very kind to me and I look forward to getting to know her more.

Hopefully Wednesday we will start to rent it, and by the weekend, we hope to be living in it.
But we’ll see. This is Africa time.

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