Saturday, June 23, 2012


We had our first group meeting with all the kids together since adding the new ones. 10 of them did not show up, so instead of the 45, we had 35. It went well and I think it was most exciting to see them all in the room meeting with us. I just was looking around thinking wow, in 2 years, what all the Lord has done and how the work has grown.

We had several issues to discuss with the kids, most importantly being respect. For one another, for the teachers and workers in the ministry, for the building and supplies that we have been blessed with, for the homes that they are in particularly Maureen's as they eat lunch from her place.

Then we just had basic things to discuss , rules for the classroom, what they need to do when they are sick, etc. We are wanting them to be coming directly to Maureen or Fanny instead of going to the clinic on their own. When they do that, they then come to us later asking to pay for their costs or with a bad diagnosis. So we want to be involved in the beginning so we can even be taking them to a better clinic.

We sang a few songs, though they didn't seem too enthusiastic about it today, and then ended with cake, juice and acknowledging the birthdays that have passed since we last met. Maureen and Fanny also had a birthday so we sang separately to them, which they seemed to enjoy.

We were able to get the classroom set up even more this past Thursday. We brought all the posters and signs I had gotten while in America and then we moved a cabinet up with locks on it to be storing supplies and the food items.

It looks good, even better today with all the kids in it!

Some of the birthday kids

"How old are you now?"

Christian and Memory

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  1. Hi Megan (and family),
    Our church's VBS is praying for your orphan ministry again this year. We are collecting coins from the kids and will be sending them along to you after VBS is over. I've been following your blog and will tell the kids more about your ministry there during this week. (Our VBS theme is "Paul's Missionary Journeys" and we're tying that in with current missionaries.)

    May the Lord bless your efforts!

    Love in Christ,
    Melissa Buell

    Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, La Mirada, CA