Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It is strange that I often have “reflections” while I am looking through the cookbook at things to make. So I will divert from planning my menu to writing a quick blog.

I am looking over the recipe for those same applesauce spice mufffins I never made, when I wanted to last year. Orange french toast with walnuts, blueberry bread, blackberry scones, pumpkin bread with cream cheese...

My laptop is on the table, my cookbooks spread out and I am looking through the many choices of things I like. Some things I can’t make because the ingredients aren’t available here, other things, well I am not in the “mood” to eat this week. And some things sound delicious!

My househelp (aka maid) is singing as she works in the other room.
The same woman who just this morning told me she has to wake up very early, at 5 hours to go and fetch her water because it is so very far.

The same woman who last week told me her head was paining her with a bad headache because her drunk husband was upset at her. He was angry because when she gets paid, she then pays the rent on their small place. Evidently he has other ideas for how to use the money.

The woman that 3 weeks ago said she had a hard weekend because she just found out her teenage daughter is pregnant and she doesn’t know what to do. The husband thinks they should send her away to the farm until she has the baby. But now she can’t finish school and it is just so very hard and sad.

But she, Catherine, still can sing as she works. She still has joy in her heart to sing.

And I, sometimes find myself joyless when I have been giving SO MUCH by my good Father in Heaven. Or I find I can be slightly irritated because I still can’t make my applesauce muffins, or get on the internet to post this blog when I want to.
Hmm...that’s pathetic.
There is still so much to learn from people and their example, especially from those nearest me.


  1. If perspective opens our eyes...what does perspective do to God's eyes?