Thursday, September 8, 2011


A couple weeks ago I went around to visit some of the guardians and check on how their businesses were doing.

Tisa's mom is selling popcorn and has her own stand. She said that it was going great and that neighbors have even asked what type of "charms" and things she was using for it to go so well.
The Lord is blessing it!

Tisa and her mom

Philips sister

Maureen and Fanny took me to the Chipata Market so we could check on a few of the guardian's businesses.

Chipata Market
I pulled my camera out and this lady wanted me to take her picture

Tisa's mom also has a stand in the market where she sells tomatoes

Just to give you an idea. This is the office at one of the schools that the kids go to.
We are paying the fees for the next term.

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