Friday, July 15, 2011

Ndola Trip

Last weekend Katryn, Katherine, Maureen and I drove up to Ndola to check on the kids up there.
We had a group meeting planned for Saturay. It went very well. Katherine taught the kids a bible lesson and then we played games, sang some songs, had a health class in which we then divided into girls and boys. Lister the Zambian woman that works with the kids up there and I took the boys and Katherine and Katryn and Maureen talked with the girls.

Basic hygenie issues were discussed, washing yourself, wiping yourself, taking care of your skin, etc. as well as HIV/AIDS.

Katherine brought a craft for the kids to make the visors and they seemed to have fun with that.
We had lunch of a roll, banana and mahaeu a mealie drink that is nutritious for them but unfortunatly we westerners usually find it tastes disgusting.

We also passed out some clothes for the kids which was purchased with money given as a donation and then another church did an "underwear project" and bought them for each sponsored kids and sent them over with Katherine. Surprisingly many kids don't have more than a pair or two , don't change them or clean them and so they were excited with new undies!

Here are some pics...

Red rover

Lunch time

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