Sunday, July 3, 2011

KABANANA Group meeting

Saturday we had a group meeting with the kids in Kabanana.
We had lunch, a bible study, brief health class and went over some "terms of agreement" for the program.
It all went very well. Katherine and Katryn organized and prepared the lunch meal. Then Katherine led the devotional and taught the kids 3 things related to taking care of themselves.
Washing their hands, Keeping their skin clean and proper "toileting" (for lack of a better term).

These basic things really need to still be taught and emphasized with the kids. The sad thing is how you don't think about how poverty plays into all these things sometimes.

We teach our kids at home, wash your hands with soap. Use toilet paper and wipe yourself.
Well what if you had no soap...What if you had no toilet tissue...
These aren't just "what if's" but reality here for these kids.
SO she taught them those things then the question came what if we don't have tissue. Then what do we do.
hmm. good question. Then what. So Katherine tried to answer those things but really you find yourself at a loss for what to say. Newspaper. Cut up an old chitenge and use strips of that cloth...
I don't know.

Katherine did well and it has been good to see her getting involved with the kids and getting to know them some and interacting with them.

We will be going up to the copperbelt next and she will be teaching similar things to the kids up there.
Thankfully the church in Mebane helped us with an "underwear project" and sent over packages of new ones for all of the sponsored kids. The boys in KAB received theirs last weekend and they were very happy.
Amazing how new underwear can bring happiness!

Maureen stirring the nshima

Serving the lunch

Katherine teaching

The kids plus some extra friends and muzungus

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  1. Courtney DunkertonJuly 4, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    This post is such a blessing to me as I see 'our Katherine' with the children. I am glad she is there and I trust has been a blessing to you all!