Monday, June 13, 2011

Kabanana Building Project

The orphan work we do is in partnership with Faith Baptist Church in Kabanana. Faith Baptist is a church plant under KBC.

LION of Zambia is funding the majority of this building project, so if you are interested in contributing to it, please do!

The building will be classrooms that during the week will be used for the orphan ministry and on Sundays will be used for the church. There will also be a kitchen and toilet/shower rooms.

We are very excited that this project is now underway, because it will be such a help to the orphan work.
We will be able to have group meetings there, Kat will be able to tutor the kids there ( rather than in Fanny and Maureen's homes) we will be able to prepare meals for the kids and have a safe place for them to come to during the day.

Having the toilet and showers will also be great as many of the kids need much help in learning basic hygeine and we will have a place where they can come and bathe.
We also plan to use part of the church plot to cultivate a garden and have the kids help work in that.

Several of the boys have been helping work on Saturdays in the beginning part of preparing the foundation. Hauling water from quite a ways away to make the concrete.
When Anthony ( a man from our church was here last week, he spent a day helping with the construction laborers. ( Thus the muzungu in the pictures below)

Here are some pictures. It might not seem exciting to you all, but we are VERY excited, because once we have a place from which to work out of, the opportunities and ideas are numerous.

The church plot
The classroom building structure is going up on the back of the property.

From the building looking toward the road

The classroom block

Where the toilet and showers will be

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  1. Awesome place. it would be great to see this place when it will be completed.