Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another pair of hands

We have Katherine Johnston from Mebane North Carolina here with us. She arrived on Wednesday and will be staying 6 weeks. She came to help out with the orphan ministry. She is a nursing student and will be helping tutor the kids with Kat during the week and we plan to have a few group meetings with the kids where she can teach them hygiene and a bible study.

We will also be traveling up to Ndola later and meeting with the kids up there.
Please pray for her time to go well while she is here. It is a blessing to have her and we want to use her to the fullest while she is here!

(Here they are separating the bale of clothing we bought for the kids in Ndola )


  1. Wonderful! What a blessing :-)

  2. Love the laughter! Praying the Lord will make Katherine His hands to all of you while she's there.