Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zaxby's in Zambia!

Our dear friend Heather is here visiting from Louisville. She arrived 2 weeks ago and has about 3 more weeks she will be here with us. It has been a blessing to have her here and she is helping school the little boys for these weeks and being an encouragement to me.

She was so thoughtful and brought a taste of home with her.
Our little town of Shelbyville had a Zaxby's ( chicken place) that our family went to frequently. --especially when they had their kids eat free promo for a little while. Until it changed to kids eat for less. Maybe our crew of 5 kids then made them change their promotion!

So she went there and got the zax sauce, even some napkins (serviettes) and then brought over panko bread crumbs and a recipe to cook chicken fingers for us. We ate it tonight and it was delicious! It really was. A taste of home. I think they were even better than the zaxby's chicken, but the sauce made it extra special!

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  1. Makes me want to go there tomorrow!