Monday, January 31, 2011

Isubilo (HOPE) Kabanana

Saturday we had our first monthly meeting with the kids.
This meeting was especially geared to teaching the kids about HIV and the importance of getting tested.
Katryn also gave a devotional and then we had invited A woman named Loveness who works in child counseling for HIV at a local clinic. She explained several things to the kids and was a great help. We were very thankful the meeting went well with the kids.
Please pray for wisdom and for all the details to be worked out for taking the kids this month to get tested.

Kids of HOPE Kabanana

the women of HOPE Kabanana
Megan, Fanny Chirwa, Maureen Mulenga, Katryn Belke

Auntie Love speaking to the children

The kids listening

We passed out cookies for a snack

Protasho and Patrick's house (new children we are helping)
the one room on the left is their house

One of the schools where the children attend
Justin Kabwe

Troy School

Maureen with her family
(youngest to oldest- Jack, Richard, Mwansa, James)

PICTURES from around Kabanana

Kids on a see-saw at school

Kids playing in the trash
(A friend wrote me earlier and said that even though it is sad, at least the kids are PLAYING- there is something normal in them playing)

Girl by the side of the road

We walked by this dead dog stuffed in a mealie sack

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  1. Thanks for sharing these Megan. It gives us a little glimpse of what life is like there and can help us pray more intelligently.