Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pictures from the week at CMC

Pastors Robert Elliot and Brian Borgman left yesterday morning to fly home.
They had a very full week and a half here. Here are some pictures.

During the week they were both teaching at the Copperbelt College. Sunday Robert preached at Central Baptist in Luanshya where Pastor Hakanyaga is and Brian preached at the church in Ndola. They flew back to Lusaka on Saturday morning and then went to the Agricutural Show, which is a major happening for the country, every year. They managed to see the President and experience some of the Zambian culture.

Sunday Brian preached at Emmasdale church where Issac Makashinyi is pastor and in the evening at Lusaka Baptist Church where Ronald Kalifungwa pastors.
Robert preached in the morning at KBC, where we attend and Conrad Mbewe pastors and in the evening at Mount Makulu Baptist Church where Victor Kanyenze pastors. It was a full day and week for both of these men. We know the Lord blessed their ministry at both the college and in the churches where they preached, but also to our own family and in our home. We were blessed with wonderful fellowship and encouragement. It was a delight to have them both here.
We can't wait for our next visitors end of September!

Copperbelt Ministerial College

Choolwe Mwetwa, Robert Elliot, Brian Borgman, Kabwe Kabwe

Men at Copperbelt College taking a break



Brian at Grace Baptist Ndola

Robert in Luanshya

Brian the following Sunday at Emmasdale

and Lusaka Baptist Church. They just moved into their new building. It is huge. We came it at the end which is why we were sitting way in the back and the picture is from far away.

Robert Elliot at KBC

With Victor Kanyenze and James

With Pastor Mbewe

With Pastor Kalifungwa


  1. Awesome pictures! My dad has come back with some great memories and has been filling us in with all that God is doing through you and your family! May God bless you all! <3 -Faith Elliott

  2. Great to see these pictures, Robert gave a glowing report of your labors James, to God be the glory. We are all committed to continue to hold the ropes as you continue down the mine.

    Warmest regards

    Sacramento, Ca