Wednesday, March 28, 2012

These are a few of my favorite THINGS

We were teased a bit for bringing back 24 bags. (all in good fun of course)
Over 1,000 pounds. 1,200 to be exact.
Among all the clothes and shoes and baking essentials for the next 2 years we brought back several things to make life over here a little bit easier, a little bit more enjoyable and the house a little bit more "homey".

Here are some pictures of "a few of my favorite things" that we have brought back. And you have to kind of sing the Sound of Music song in your head to get the right feel for it!

I use this every single day and it is currently my favorite thing I brought back.
Stainless steel water bottle with a flip cap so easy to open and close and best thing is it keeps water cold for 12 hours!
I LOVE this!

My sewing machine I bought when I got married with savings bonds from childhood. It has been a great machine, and we have already been using it some.

I saw this rug at my dear Mrs. Due's house. I asked her where she got them and then looked at every target in KY, CA, AL and MS but could not find them. They match perfectly with my curtains. A week or two before we were coming back, she asked me if I wanted them. I really did but had not even mentioned to her that I wanted them. I was so happy. There are 3 of them and I have one at the patio door, one at the entry to the LR and one in front of the fireplace which also matches the star I bought.

*notice the cute little feet

Had one of these before we moved to Zambia but gave it away.
We have a converter that we bought special for my kitchen aid mixer. Once we had this we are able to plug in various things from America and use. We have popcorn a couple times a week here since it is very cheap to buy. Its an air popper so much healthier than popping in oil.

Favorite thing brought back for Grace, hands down.
I LOVE little people. We started our collection with Sarah and accumulated alot. We left it with my sister on loan when we moved and were anticipating bringing it all back when we adopted.
Grace will play with this for a long time pretending with all the little people. It is GREAT!

We found the Cosby Show series at Sam's and bought a couple seasons. ( still need one and two, since we started with 3 and 4) We have enjoyed watching it with the kids on some of the evenings during the week.

Windchimes make me happy and make me smile.
We brought back 3 different kinds.

We brought back a zipline. To add to the outdoor things the kids can do, while still confined in the 4 walls of the yard.
It has been a blast already and I finally got up the courage to ride it this week. it is fun!

Pictures and Frames we had hanging in our hallway back in Shelbyville. I had stored them when we moved but was able to bring that back with us. I hung them up and the last one was actually one of all 5 kids. As soon as I hung it up I had not printed Grace's picture out yet so we quickly remedied that situation and now she is proudly hanging with the rest of the gang.

This last one, we didn't actually bring the shelves over but we brought the hooks from Home Depot so that we could have the shelves made, so that we could be a bit more organized, so that momma would be a bit more happy! A dear friend of mine says shelves and closet space make us women happy!


  1. Thats great Meg. I'm sure those things have made your house more of a home. Love you.

  2. I love how little things make a big difference! Bless God for the small things that make life a little bit sweeter right here, right now!

  3. I love the hooks and shelves! Maybe I can get some too someday...

  4. Just rereading the blog and noticed your note of the little feel. Love it. Made me smile really big!!

  5. very happy for you! love the shelves--it is true: closets and shelves make us happy women! -rp