Sunday, August 14, 2011

LGWM School for the orphans and Vulnerable children

A few weeks ago the Ladies for the Hope Kabanana and I visited the school at the church Living Gospel World Mission where Nsangu Phiri ( a student of James's ) pastors.

It was very encouraging to see the work they are doing with orphans and vulnerable children!
Nsangu and his wife several years ago took in a few orphans into their family.
Then they started sponsoring kids that live with their guardians and started a school for them and other needy kids in the area. The sponsored kids receive a meal while at school, and the other kids bring their own food to school.

He and his wife sold their land and home to build the church that they use during the week for the school.

It might sound like they have alot of resources but they don't at all, they just followed what they knew God had put on their heart and are living each day trusting God to provide what they need.

They have 3 teachers that teach the kids and these are all volunteers from within their church. Nsangu was telling us that occasionally if they get 20 pin ( about 4 dollars) extra in the offering that they will then try to pay their teachers every now and then. But they have no salary or anything they can depend on.

Same thing with supplies for the school. If they are able they can buy some chalk every now and then or some extra food for the kids.

The amazing thing I was so glad to see was that they are doing what they can without help from other churches or "westerners".

The separation for the classrooms was made out of mealie bags sewn together. One class needed a teacher so the classes were combined with the older kids.

We were encouraged to get ideas and learn from them and see if maybe the Lord would have us to start a school or something similar once we are able to get settled into the new building.

Katherine Johnson was with us and as we were leaving she was able to encourage him by telling him he reminded her of George Muller. She then told the story of how he gathered all the orphans to the table to pray and thank God for the food , even though they didn't have any, but that they lived daily just trusting for God to provide their needs.
The kids gathered to pray and thank God and shortly after a man knocked on the door and told George that his bread truck had broken down and it was all going to spoil and did he have use for all the bread?

He was encouraged to hear the story and then later the next week we gave him a biography of George Muller to read and to be encouraged by.

here are some pictures of the classrooms and the kids

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