Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Heavenly Springs

About a year ago I mentioned a book I was reading that was encouraging.
2 years later I am still going through the book, over and over.
I might have written a few of these quotes before, but the Lord has freshly encouraged me with these things again.

Still highly recommending the book to everyone. "Heavenly Springs" by Andrew Bonar
These are just random thoughts he wrote.

"Lift our eyes heavenward.
Earthward is bad enough, but inward is dreadful.
Lift us heavenward to where Jesus sits on the right hand of God."

"The nearer you come to Him the better, for you will then be farther from the world, and the world will have less power over you."

"It is a good thing angels were not sent to preach to us. I would go far to hear an angel preach, but I don't think I would get much good from his sermon. I would come away thinking of his beautiful words and his persuasive tongue, but perhaps saying, "It is all very well for that angel to talk about the miry clay, but he does not know how stiff it is; he never was in it!"

"When Israel reached the other side of the red sea, how surprised they must have been. No river flowing like the Nile flowing through the land, no palmtrees heavy laden with dates, no gardeners of cucumbers and melons! What was to become of them?
They were to learn that God could take them other ways and other means to lead them onward. He took from them all visible means of support, and then He stepped in with the wondrous manna from the skies. When the Lord takes away from His people anything that they used to have, He does not mean to make them unhappy. He wants to make them happy in another way. He gives them Manna instead of bread. Corn is never called 'the bread of the mighty', but manna is. "

"When you begin to pray always get into this position, leaning on His bosom. Don't pray to someone far off. Don't pray even to someone in the same room."

"The blessing we pray for may not come at once, but it is on its way. Sometimes the Lord keeps us waiting long, because He likes to keep us in His presence."

" May we stand on the shore of that ocean into which our sins have been cast, and see them sink to the depths, out of sight, and the sea calm and peaceful over them, the sunshine playing on it, the sunshine of Your love and Your favor. "

"Christ needed the storm on the Lake of Galilee that He might show how His single word could quiet it. He needed a troubled conscience that He might show how His atoning blood could calm and quiet it. And he needed a great and guilty sinner in order to show the power of the atonement and the riches of His grace."

"We go forward, praising You for all past mercies and trusting You for every step of the Way"

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