Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meeting with Orphans and Guardians --Saturday July 25th

Teachers of the Hope for the Afflicted Sunday School

Wil Hardy ( deacon at RBC Louisville) and Christopher Ndumba. Christopher lives at the home that is rented for the Hope for the Afflicted ministry. Christopher was converted in prison and then started a reformed baptist church there.

Front of house

Side of House

Back of House


These 3 girls are sister living with their grandmother.
The 2 girls looking at the camera have HIV and are on the ARV's.
Joyce 8 years old Grade 1 and Prescobia 13 years old Grade 4

Lollipops! We handed them out and even the guardians were pleased to have a little treat.

Joseph ( white shirt) 17 years Grade 10
Joshua (green Shirt) 15 years Grade 10

Lawrence 11 years old Grade 2

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