Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lunch for the LMC Students

Two weeks ago we hosted a lunch at our home for all the students of Lusaka Ministerial College and their wives.
All the lecturers and their wives were also invited. (But unfortunately none of them showed up). We were anticipating somewhere around 60 people.

I decided I wanted to take on the challenge of cooking for the crowd (though James gave me the option we could get it catered). Only stipulation was, I couldn't stress about it (and thereby get irritated and grumpy with everyone!) Thankfully I didn't! I enjoyed it. Pasta with Sauce, Meatballs, Salad, Garlic Bread and Brownies.
Sarah made the brownies and then she and Emma along with Ian helped roll out the 250+ meatballs! I also asked our maid to come and help with all the dishes and clean up. (The girls thanked me several times for having her come... and I in turn thanked her several times for coming to help! )

Everyone was supposed to come at 12, so we could eat lunch at 1.
12:57 I had everything ready. But it was not until almost 2 that we ate, which just meant that everything was not cold and by that time the noodles had been sitting and got a bit gooey, but it didn't seem that anyone else minded!
They all liked the brownies too, though when I was passing them out a few of them asked me if it was African Paloney.
Far from it, I told them this was much better! (What they are referring to is actually a meat similar to baloney)

James asked them all to come just to have a time of fellowship with one another.
It went well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We took pictures of alot of the students with their wives, and then several wanted pictures with each other.


  1. megan--these pictures make me cry. how SWEET it will be to be around the THRONE with all our brothers and sisters, singing praises all the time...

  2. Thanks for all the pictures! All the smiling faces are wonderful. AND congratulations on cooking for so many!! What an enterprise to undertake, and I'm thankful the Lord gave you much help.

  3. thanks for sharing.